EPrints and REPrints

EPrints and Reprints are the specialized high quality services provided for the published articles which are easily available to the authors for any Annex Journals. They are useful in many ways to the readers and the authors.

These high quality prints gives great knowledge which can be shared to create awareness among the readers, excite employees, and attract customers.

EPrints (Electronic Reprints): In academic publishing, an EPrint is a digital version of a research document, usually a journal article that is accessible online.

An EPrint is an electronic copy of an article that can be purchased, with full copyright compliance. It is downloaded from the publisher’s website and can be used internally within your organization or for external purposes.

An EPrint provides us with:

Reprints (Hard-copy reprints): Reprints are customized, reproductions of articles printed on high-quality paper for your sale and training needs. These original quality documents are used for training or marketing purposes and for dissemination to customers at conferences and for business purposes.

Both formats will be designed with additional formatting, official journal covers which includes journal's logo, article title, author names and citation information, journal info and publishing company logos. If required we will also add information about your project/organization (Additional fees may apply).

High quality Reprints are assured to be delivered as soon as possible with fast shipping to many destinations across the world. The articles are printed in on high quality paper with high-resolution figures. Shipping charges will be based on the destinations and the number of reprints required.

TO ORDER REPRINT COPIES: Please contact our supporting team at mail@annexpublisher.com. We will be pleased to assist you.



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