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Isotretinoin May Decrease the Risk of Periodontitis and the Risk of CMV-Or of HPV-Infection

Background: Isotretinoin helps to control acne which is partly due to Cutibacterium acnes infection. Objective: Assess whether Isotretinoin may also help to control other types of infections which may directly or indirectly be associated with biofilms containing Cutibacterium acnes such as periodontitis, herpetic infections or HPV-infections. Methods: All relevant medical and biological data were collected during routine consultations for Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth from 2021 March 1st to 2024 March 1st

Phytotherapy: A Complementary Approach in Endodontic Management

The use of plant-derived products for medicinal purposes, known as phytotherapy, is gaining increasing interest as a complementary approach to traditional protocols in endodontics. This literature review examines the various clinical applications of phytotherapy in endodontics, with a particular focus on its potential utility in all stages of conservative or surgical endodontic management. This analysis draws upon in vivo and in vitro data to examine the specific indications of phytotherapy, with a particular focus on its advantages in terms of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative activity. As a supplementary approach, phytotherapy offers a natural and promising alternative to enhance the outcomes of endodontic treatments, while providing a sustainable perspective on oral healthcare

Treatment of Intrabony Defects with Enamel Matrix Derivative Proteins Using Minimally Invasive Surgical Approaches to Papilla Preservation: A Systematic Review with Metanalysis

Background: To investigate the clinical performance of minimally invasive surgical approaches for interdental tissue preservation in association with enamel matrix derivatives in the treatment of intraosseous defects. Materials and Methods: A systematic literature review was carried out (PROSPERO: CRD42020135131) through research, extraction and analysis of data in duplicate, according to the PICOS strategy. The Ovid MEDLINE databases were consulted; Ovid EMBASE; Open Gray and in the journals Journal of Periodontology, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Journal of Periodontal Research and Journal of Dental Research, the search covered an unlimited period until May 2019, following the guide PRISMA. For assessment was used Cochrane Collaboration's risk. Results: Eight randomized controlled trials reporting 557 subjects and 698 defects were identified. Among in techniques for preserving interdental tissues, there were no differences between them. However, in the meta-analysis obtained by the studies, the results were superior in clinical gain of insertion in favor of the test group [n = 119; MD= 0.92; 95%; IC (0.35; 1.50); p = 0.002 I² 78%], with these results statistically significant Conclusions: the open flap debridement technique using interdental tissue preservation approaches in association with EMD promote slightly superior clinical results in insertion gain. Clinical Relevance: Assist the professional in their clinical practice in traeatment of periodontal defects with minimally surgical approachs and Furthermore, demonstrate the possibility and the benefits of using the biomaterials like the enamel derivative proteins in the regeneration these periodontal defects

Replacement of Missing Teeth: Comparing Factors That Motivate Male Denture Wearers with their Female Counterpart among Selected Group of Nigerian

Introduction: A condition where one or more teeth are missing in the mouth is referred to as partial edentulism. These missing teeth could be replaced by removable partial denture (RPD) or fixed partial denture. Factors that determine choice of replacing missing teeth includes but not limited to; esthetic, mastication and prevention of further tooth loss. The aim of this study was to compare factor that motivate male denture wearers to replace their missing teeth with the female counterpart Method: This cross-sectional self-administered questionnaire-based study was conducted in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital and Nigeria Navy Reference Hospital, Calabar. The respondents comprise of patients who presented at the dental clinic of both Hospital. Inclusion criteria were patients who requested for the replacement of their missing teeth and gave inform consent, while exclusion criteria were those who requested for tooth extraction etc. Questionnaires was delivered to each participant by hand and collected after it was filled. The questionnaire was divided into two sections. The first is for information of the respondents while the second was on reason for seeking tooth replacement